About Mike Nedd

Mike Nedd at the shop


Nedd Guitars is a Custom Guitar Shop owned and operated by Mike Nedd. Although the shop was launched in March of 2003, Mike has been building and repairing Guitars and Basses since 1997. After working along side the late Greg Curbow in '97, learning the trade; he began handling repairs for Rockin' Robin Guitars and Mars Music in Houston, TX.

In 2001, Mike took a break from the repair gig to work for All Parts. It was there where he starting learning the other side of the trade. Networking with tons of major and independent builders across the US, and after getting a better understanding of the business, he decided to open his own shop in 2003 located in Conroe, TX, just 15 minutes North of Houston.

Along with repairs at the shop, Mike also handles repairs for several stores in, and around the Houston area. Mike has done work for Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Bad Company, Saliva, Piggy D of Rob Zombie, David Piggott of the Monte Montgomery Band, and Rusty Cooley just to name a few.